About Us

“Let’s make a game.”

 – One programmer and one 3D designer, 2015

Scorch Game Studio is an indie developer team of three based in Prague, Czech Republic.

We have always had a passion for games and always wanted to make a few of our own. This dream finally transformed into reality back in 2015 when we started to work on Type II. Gaining experience and making a great game in the process was the primary goal. A game that we could be proud of, a game that would stand out even in today’s crowded mobile game market, a paid game with no ads and no micro-transactions, a game we would play ourselves.

Contact Us

E-mail: info@scorchgamestudio.com

The Team

Štěpán Mynařík (27)
Developer, Technical Lead
Legend has it he can see outside the Matrix

Jakub Faktor (31)
3D Artist, Level Designer, Sound Designer
Cringy memes are life

Lucie Mynaříková (27)
QA, Marketing
Loves ‘This is fine’ dog